John Provan Award

“If we do not get faculty back into the teaching process we will only compound the poor development of clinical reasoning and increase the reliance of our students on technologic investigations to make the diagnosis for them.”

-John Provan
Canadian Journal Surgery, February 1995

John Provan Outstanding Surgical Educator Award – 2017

This award is sponsored by the Canadian Association of Surgical Chairs (CASC).  The award was first presented in 1993.  The award is presented and will remain in the custody of the winner for a period of 2 years.  Each award recipient will have her/his name permanently affixed to the award.  A smaller award sculpture will remain with the award recipient and will be suitably engraved.

About John Provan:

  • Head, Division Vascular Surgery Wellesley Hospital, 1978
  • The W.T. Aikins Faculty Teaching Award, 1987
  • Outstanding Surgical Educator Award, 1993
  • Associate Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education, 1995
  • Scotland
  • Died July 25, 1996

“If we do not get surgeons back into the undergraduate educational process, we may at worst forfeit our right to be part of a university and at best will deny students the opportunity to be exposed to the excellence in teaching and problem solving that many surgeons now demonstrate.”

-John Provan
Canadian Journal Surgery, March 1985

To recognize outstanding contribution to undergraduate surgical education in Canada.

The achievements must have occurred in Canadian undergraduate surgical education.

Nominations may be made by any Canadian involved in undergraduate surgical education (e.g. teacher, trainee). Each nomination must have at least one seconder who is an eligible nominator.  Nomination must include reasons for nomination. See Checklist for John Provan Award for Excellence in Surgical Teaching for suggested documentation to include in your nomination.

Eligible nominations must be completed and received by the CUSEC by October 1, 2017.

Submit to:
Dr. Geoff Blair, CUSEC Chair

Award Committee:
A 3 person committee will consider nominations and recommend a successful candidate to the Chair of the CASC for final approval prior to the award presentation.

To be made at the CUSEC Symposium in November 16-18, 2017 in Vancouver, BC. The successful candidate will learn of the award at the symposium.

Past Award Recipients:

  • 2011 Brian Taylor – University of Western Ontario
  • 2009 Jonathan Samuel White – University of Alberta
  • 2007 Michael Cusimano – University of Toronto
  • 2005 Lindsay Davidson – Queen’s University
  • 2003 Ramses Wassef – University of Montreal
  • 2001 Farid Shamji – University of Ottawa
  • 1999 Rudy Danzinger – University of Manitoba
  • 1997 KennethThorlakson – University of Manitoba
  • 1995 Ray Postuma – University of Manitoba
  • 1993 John Provan – University of Toronto